Corregidor Historical Tour

Ah, Corregidor Island. The last place to fall into Japanese hands during World War II’s Pacific Theater. We all know the story behind this place as it was famous for entrapping Gen. Douglas McArthur, who then escaped via tunnels and unto a bomber to fly towards Australia.

For those who are into history, photography, and seaside strolls, this tour comes recommended! We availed of the Photographer’s package from Sun Cruises Inc., which only cost us Php 1,700 – which included roundtrip ferry pick-up and drop-off (at the Seaside Terminal near Mall of Asia), lunch (which was pretty decent), and etc. Except for the small terminal fee of Php 40, and flat rate parking at Php 30 if you’re bringing your own car.

The trip started with a 1 hour and 20 mins. ferry ride unto the island and from there you get to take a few snapshots of the harbor before hopping unto a ride. Well, since there were just a few of us who availed of the package, we hopped unto a touring bus along with the Japanese tourists unto Malinta Tunnel. (In Kim’s words, “Feels like Okinawa.”)

The tunnel was supposedly not part of the tour but, as our guide says, he might as well give us the access that’s usually closed-off even from the main package tours. It was pretty fun touring around the dark tunnels that once housed wounded soldiers, while the guide later asked us to walk one section with the flashlights completely off!

Afterwards, we were treated to the lush greenery of the island that has grown over the ruins of hospitals, barracks, and decommissioned long-range artillery, and lastly, the modernist-styled memorial museum which housed war relics, photographers, and personal effects. It’s great to go on a tour like this and which felt like you’re in an Indiana Jones set or in a comic of The Adventures of Tintin!

And oh of course, coming home with lots of photographs! I think we’ve pretty much explored the majority of the island for the cost of only Php 1,700, and the schedule was pretty lenient, coming from us who aren’t much of a fan of very structured tour packages. All in all, I say I had a great time, and I would encourage people to explore this place for a pretty awesome day-trip adventure.

The trips starts from 7am and you land around 9:15am into the island, and from 3pm you have to board the ferry to be back in Manila at 4:30pm.


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