Gulugod Baboy

My first trekking ever, and boy did I die. There were around seven of us who went, my good friend and business partner Kim, friends from church, and new faces. I don’t consider myself a fit person, and despite warnings, I actively thought that maybe my years of walking long distances from my antique hunting adventures will do the job.

Apparently no.

Lord, in the middle of the trek my legs gave out, and I was stressed. But I did keep my calm as best as I could and laugh it off. Besides, I was in good company after all. They did a good job in healing my legs, and bought myself a wooden stick to guide me through-out and it actually worked!

I think it was around 4 hours when we finally got to the peak, and half the time going down. Landed on manure a couple of times on the way down though, but looking back at it, it’s part of the experience after all.

Would I say it was fun? Yes. But will I ever go to one again? Well, that question, is for another time. Haha!


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