Friends Retreat 2016: Revival

My first retreat in a long time, and at a church I recently transferred to at CCF Pasig. For the longest time, I always thought that the Holy Spirit was just a force, or a manifestation. That this force was only responsible for giving spiritual gifts …sure, I mean, years back at another church I’ve experienced being filled by this spirit and felt its glory, but I never really heard any pastor or church really dive into its character.

But in this retreat, through someone who gave a testimony, I realized that the Holy Spirit is a person, a counselor, someone who is responsible in giving me discernment, who makes my Bible reading more revealing with verses that really speak to me on what I would’ve ignored otherwise. I guess it’s true that one should never outgrow the fundamentals in faith.

But, what now? Armed with this knowledge, we shall put it into action. Someone recommended that I get myself a copy of Francis Chan’s Forgotten God. Well, it looks like I found my next book to read over. In the meantime, thank You, Lord.


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