La Union & Career Depression


Coming back to work with sand in my shoes, with a heavy heart and a letter, I have just resigned from my second job in two years, I currently feel like my life is in a haze. Although I may still have my side rackets, it’s not enough to bring me forward to where I want to go. Must I go corporate again, or must I fight and be an independent contractor for good?

I have a team don’t I? We can make it work together, we can dream big and fight for our goals. But in the meantime, my heart is weak. I needed to recharge and gather and muster strength from what has been a tough year, a combination of frustrations and disappointments at my career and at my personal biddings.

But I thank God for bringing me friends who listen, and this La Union beach trip was what I needed to get some time away from life. I must learn to draw my strength from Him and not from my own. My plans fail, but God does not. I will fight for our hopes to work, I will look back at this someday and say thanks to God for He is faithful, but for now, all I ask is healing, all I ask is rest.

We’ll figure this out.


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