Out From College

Last minute decisions aren’t always bad, sometimes they turn out to be one of the best. NO REGRETS getting into CSB’s AB-MMA Program.

Thank you mom and dad for trying to understand what my course is, and for the allowance you’ve provided (mehehe).

Thank you church friends for encouraging me to take leaps of faith, thank you college people for being part of such a colourful little chapter in my life and for appreciating my individuality, and lastly, of course, God, for bringing me through countless storms I’ve found myself stranded in, and for bringing me joy when I find myself on the brink of weeping.

Ah, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Instead of being stuck in classrooms, college has brought me through countless adventures and exposures, and accomplishments I don’t think I would’ve achieved had I been in another course I wasn’t confident in.

Again, no regrets. God kept His promises indeed.


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